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Bat Out Of Hell

A bat in the blazing light of day, flickering back and forth. It eventually squeezed back inside the house through a gap in the bricks. I think the heat might have disturbed it; the temperature hit 32 today, and I'm considering the best place for a swim. I might head for Watersmeet, where the Granta becomes the Cam at Great Shelford. A shady spot at the bottom of the village rec, teenagers dive off the riverbank here and gliding swans beg for food among lillies and flowing emerald weed. 

A little closer is the gravel pit I sometimes go to check out the wildlife. It's an agricultural reservoir within an active quarry. I imagine having the place to myself once the bulldozers have parked up for the day. Damselflies, dragonflies, swifts, swallows and hobbies might skim overhead, but it could be searing and bleak and a bit weird, like a scene from one of my swimming dreams.

There's an 'official' bathing spot I know of. Milton Country Park (which was working gravel pits un…

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